Top 10 sustainable emerging fashion brands to follow

Sustainability is becoming an important topic in many fields. Fashion is on the frontline of this trend, with many brands trying to adapt their work to the current global situation. It should not surprise anyone that many fashion designers have started to strongly emphasize the use of organic and recycled materials. Here are some names worth following on the current scene.

1. Attique

A woman-owned brand inspired by old traditions, Attique is a stylish choice for anyone who wants to feel like they’re traveling back in time to a simpler, more relaxed era. The brand’s founder had gathered two decades’ worth of experience in the fashion industry before deciding to found her own company.

She has placed a lot of priority on sustainability, carefully picking the materials she works with while still maintaining a great sense of fashion and creativity.

2. Gem The Label

A relatively new brand that’s only been on the market for a few years, Gem The Label has already built a strong name for itself in the sustainable clothing market. All of the brand’s clothes are unique and vibrant, and can easily stand out in a crowded room.

At the same time, the people behind Gem The Label have constantly followed a strict set of standards regarding the use of organic materials, including hand-dying everything. Many of the brand’s products are inspired by nature in various ways, adding a fresh touch to their presentation.

3. Statement N.9

A Ukrainian brand that’s managed to make a lot of progress in the two years since it was founded, Statement N.9 is all about blending functionality and aesthetics. Clothes by Statement N.9 immediately stand out with their bold designs and interesting color schemes.

Many of the pieces are designed to be as universal as possible – whether you need something to wear to work or when going to a party, there’s always something in there for you.

The brand also supports volunteers in Ukraine, donating some of its proceeds to their efforts. Combined with the company’s completely organic approach to creating its clothes, this is definitely one name worth following.

4. Brush by MG

Romanian brand Brush by MG might have a stylish, luxurious appeal to it, but behind the scenes, the bags are made with a lot of attention to sustainability and a minimal environmental impact. One of the main points in the design of Brush by MG bags is modularity.

They can easily be combined with different clothing styles and used in various setups, instead of being one-off pieces like many other brands on the handbag market are doing right now.

5. Rich Cast of Characters

Rich Cast of Characters is heavily inspired by various popular icons, both current and past ones. The brand tries to tell a story with each of the pieces it releases, and it doesn’t take long to start seeing the big picture.

You won’t find these pieces produced in large numbers, for better or worse. Each release by Rich Cast of Characters is unique and is only available for a short while until stocks run out. Make sure to keep an eye on the brand if you want to snatch its next unique piece!

6. Sheezen

Another brand out of Ukraine, Sheezen is all about clear, natural designs that stand out with their simplicity. The company started with the goal of promoting environmentally friendly clothing production in its home country, using organic materials and production methods that are safe for both humans and the environment. The company buys its original fabrics in small quantities and produces clothes in correspondingly small batches.

7. Hera Studio

Hera’s products are all about telling a story. The company uses a selection of natural materials to create garments that combine a stylish, modern look with a classic aesthetic. The clothes are naturally dyed as well, and are designed to last well into the future. The sheer variety of organic, natural materials used in the production of Hera’s clothes is inspiring to observe, and the company keeps adding more elements to its production assets lineup on a regular basis.

Hera constantly tries to promote a culture of buying less and using what we have for as long as possible.

8. Coco Moka

Coco Moka is not just about sustainability and environmentally friendly designs. The company also tries to serve the needs of customers with sensitive skin and other similar issues. The fabrics are made from various recycled materials – including coffee beans, among other interesting choices – and are designed to be pleasant and comfortable to wear.

Not just for regular people, but also for those who lead active lives full of excitement. Coco Moka has slowly, but steadily established a name for itself on the activewear market, and the company continues to progress towards the top of the charts all the time.


IKNOWBETTER features some interesting design choices, including multi-purpose clothing that can be worn in a variety of different ways. The pieces are designed to be light and easy to store, and are perfect for avid travelers and adventurers.

What’s more, pretty much all garments by IKNOWBETTER essentially combine two pieces of clothing into one. This not only makes them a great deal financially, but also helps minimize the company’s impact on the environment even further. All it takes is one glance at the product line of IKNOWBETTER to figure out that the company is all about reducing its footprint on nature while helping people explore unique styles.

Furrow was created with the intention of making a mark, and the brand has been enjoying a lot of success in this regard so far. One of its main stated goals is to help people explore their creativity and growth potential. It’s one of the few companies on the market that enjoy a true connection to their customers.

The designs of Furrow are commonly inspired from elements of nature that have been consolidated into more abstract ideas. At the same time, it doesn’t take long to get exactly what Furrow is all about.

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