Sustainability Criteria

We evaluate every designer according to our sustainability criteria before welcoming them to the BLEND family. We're proud to partner withe independent designers that center the well-being of the planet.

Small Batch

We believe the first major change we can make it fashion is to reduce the amount of stock we produce. While 95% of designers on BLEND produce on-demand, we also support designers who focus on small batch production e.g. up-cycling or utilising dead-stock fabrics to create limited pieces.

Fair Trade

BLEND is an antidote of fast fashion. We only support brands that meet high ethical labor standards of fair pay and other worker’s rights. Majority of our brands produce locally in their home countries, supporting local craftsmanship and adhering to ethical employment standards.


Every designers who joins BLEND is vetted for transparency. We want to understand who made your clothes and what materials have been used. By default, we only work with designers that are transparent with us on their production practices and aim to improve the state of the fashion industry.

Eco Materials

How the fabrics are manufactured also determines just how sustainable they are. We make sure our designers use eco friendly materials or reuse/repurpose what already exists.

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