Rude Susi

Rude Susi is an independent brand created by mother-daughter duo India and Susi, each pair of Rude Susi's is lovingly made by hand in South Africa by our all-women team. Founded in 2019 following a year of separation, Susi, India's mum, created a pair of silk trousers with pink feathers to show her daughter how much she was missing her. India wore the trousers out in London at every opportunity, always getting asked where she purchased her funky trousers. From then on - they decided to create a collection of trousers. The mother-daughter duo seeks to create an elevated but relaxed, effortless but eccentric collection of Rude Susi trousers that will last for a lifetime. Our sustainability promise is focused on creating long-lasting pieces that are consciously made, we have a zero-waste policy, each pair is cut meticulously and any offcuts are made into hair accessories that we gift to our customers.  Each design is made by asking “could I wear this every day?”, “Will I wear this in 5 years?” and most importantly, “will this make me feel confident and comfortable?”. Rude Susi's unique fashion sense is focused on incorporating vibrant colors and textures into every outfit, as well as the different styles from the different generations mean that the Rude Susi trousers are perfect for anyone, anytime.

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Timeless Authenticity

Rude Susi

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