We are from Ukraine! We are brave! rockah.brand is all about aesthetics of an ancient world, inspired by artisanal heritage of the humankind. Handmade jewelry with applied techniques of old jewelry masters. Natural oxydation without additional chemical treatment. We let our pieces breath and change appearance over time. Hand-aging, i.e patination is our signature technique. Same as natural oxydation, patina changes character with wear. Organic gemstones are the primary choice of our brand, such as: pearls, coral, amber and shells. These precious materials were born organically with the help of living organisms, therefore carries continuous energy of life. Each piece is created with symbolic meaning to protect, bring hope or love to the wearer. Every pieces is carrying a code or a message empowering the jewelry and creating a connection with what’s important. Gender-neutral oriented. Supporting and collaborating only with local ukrainian artisans, such as jewelers, painters and potters.  

Brand Values

Recycled Materials


Slow Fashion


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