Rich Cast Of Characters

We are Bangkok-based footwear label inspired by the unique individuality of legendary and modern icons. The brand’s core identity was inspired by Max Ernst’s “A Friends Reunion” painting, which to Co Founder and Creative Director Sonia Piyaphan Boonphen, exemplifies individuals’ uniqueness and how the depicted legends were able to use their ability and skills to do something greater than themselves. This inspiration became the driving force for Sonia, leading her to create Rich Cast of Characters as a way to ignite hope, courage and individuality for everyone around the world. Rich Cast of Characters only produces each design in a limited quantity, carefully crafting every detail of its products to ensure the perfect fit and the highest quality. Through this slow luxury fashion approach, Rich Cast of Character is able to limit waste in its production, while promoting a different perspective towards fashion and consumption. Ultimately, Rich Cast of Characters aims to encourage its community to push the boundaries of their society, despite the social, cultural and gender norms. No matter where you live, Rich Cast of Character hopes to always inspire you to be proud of your originality - not only in fashion, but in everything that you do in life. 

Brand Values

Modular Concept

Timeless Authenticity

Slow Fashion

Rich Cast Of Characters

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